Our Process

With a pragmatic approach, our processes prioritise collaboration and constant feedback to build the ideal product for our customers efficiently and without compromising quality.

Our iterative method allows us to gather feedback, make timely adjustments, and deliver products that exceed expectations.

We are committed to excellence and ensuring each step of the product development journey is optimised for success. Trust us to deliver your product rapidly and with the highest standards of quality.

Product Factory

At the core of our product factory is a people-centric and pragmatic approach to software building. By fostering collaboration between the Product and Engineering teams, we ensure that the input into the factory is of high quality, leading to efficient outputs and minimal rework.

Our repeatable process brings consistency to product delivery, providing familiarity for our engineers and product team who have previously worked within this framework. This familiarity makes it easier for our team to navigate and excel within the product factory process.

  • Understand The Problem
  • Explore The Solutions
  • Build The Solution
  • Support The Customer

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An illustration imagining the product life system as a continuous factory production line.

Fixed Price Agile

In project delivery, three key levers come into play: Cost, Scope, and Time. By keeping the Cost and Scope fixed, we can offer a fixed price Statement of Work.

This approach allows you to effectively manage your budget while retaining the agility and flexibility to accommodate evolving requirements.

With a clear understanding of project boundaries, you can stay in control of costs while adapting to changing needs throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Short Iterative Deliverables
  • Fixed Price Paid On Delivery
  • Ultimate Business Flexibility

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The iron triangle of cost, scope and time.