Our monitoring and alerting services provide real-time insights into your systems, ensuring proactive identification of issues.

With our support, you can rely on prompt technical assistance, guaranteeing smooth operations.

PostgreSQL Support

We have over a decade of experience working with PostgreSQL and can provide a tailored support service. Where clients will get swift access to our technical experts without hurdles to jump over.

  • 24x7 Database Support
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Database Healthchecks
  • Optimisation and Tuning
  • Replication and Upgrades
  • Mentoring and Training

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Devops and Cloud Support

We can help you adopt or improve your Devops approach and utilisation of cloud computing.

  • Devops Transformation
  • Deployment Pipelines
  • Devops Support
  • Hollow Devops Teams
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Cloud Cost Optimisation

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Cloud and devops

React Native Mentoring

Building high quality React Native mobile apps is complicated, we can share our hard won knowledge and experience with your development team to help take them to the next level.

Rather than providing individuals we think it's best to provide access to our React Native expertise. Where our React Native engineers can work closely with your current development team to solve problems together, knowledge sharing, guiding, mentoring, coaching and upskilling your mobile development team.

Nexteam’s React Native engineers would not directly implement product features for your mobile app. Instead they would work closely with the team to boost productivity as a whole, improve the quality of the application and code base. This form of collaborative consulting, mentoring and coaching in our experience is highly effective at upskilling a development team quickly.

  • Resolve Complex React Native Issues
  • Upskilling Your Development Team
  • React Native Knowledge Sharing
  • Advice On Utilising React Native

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React Native

Agile Coaching

Agile coaching can help organisations at all levels of Agile adoption. Improving your team's or organisation's existing processes. If Agile is totally new to you, our Agile coaching can help your organisation transition to using Agile processes.

Either way we will help individuals and teams become high performers, capable of driving your business success.

We believe each team and organisation are unique, one size solutions do not fit all. Rather than making changes for the sake of it, we will learn about your business, your people, their strengths and weaknesses and why certain things work in a certain way within your organisation.

  • Agile Transformation
  • Team Evolution & Improvement
  • Proven Record Of Building High Performing Teams
  • Cross Functional Agile Teams

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Agile cycle

Legacy Systems

Let's improve that struggling ailing unloved legacy system!

Legacy Systems