Our Team

Our Team

Kumaran Sivapathasuntharam

Head of Product

An experienced product manager who is customer problem centric and believes in first design principles. I am passionate about identifying customer problems and solving them in a simple, elegant, and intuitive manner.

Our Team

Chris Ellis

Lead Technical Strategist

I’m a computing jack of all trades, my knowledge and skills go from hardware to frontend. PostgreSQL, Devops, Java are my strongest areas, but I’m just as comfortable fiddling with Ceph clusters, networking and web apps. I’ve got a long proven track record in delivering IT projects on time and too budget.

Our Team

Jaye Marshall

Lead Frontend Engineer

An experienced full stack developer with a focus on front end. I have worked on projects of all sizes and budgets from small startups to large corporate environments. I never state that something is impossible without first making an honest effort at solving or building it. I believe that the most valuable software comes from tackling hard problems and automating the easy ones.

Our Team

Terry Georgiou

Product Designer

I am passionately dedicated to graphics and design, adhering to the guiding principle of crafting simple, elegant, and intuitive designs. My ultimate goal is to create extraordinary customer experiences that leave a lasting impression of excellence and innovation.

Our Team

Andreas Bester

Lead Backend Engineer

I'm Software Engineer with over 20 years experience, with a proven track record of delivering customer focused, scalable, high availability, java centric solutions in a fast-paced Agile environment.

Our Team

Riccardo Tacconi

Devops Specialist