Fixed Price Agile

Nexteam is a network of technology professionals who passionately deliver successful outcomes with a fixed price agile process.

We work to short iterative statements of work. Ensuring that we provide you the best value, the greatest flexibility and the least risk.

Think of it as your on demand development team, who are always up for a challenge.

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Product Factory

At the core of our product factory is a people-centric and pragmatic approach to software building. By fostering collaboration between the Product and Engineering teams, we ensure that the input into the factory is of high quality, leading to efficient outputs and minimal rework.

  • Understand The Problem
  • Explore The Solutions
  • Build The Solution
Product Factory

What Our Clients Say

Nexteam helped me build a shopping cart and chatbot from the ground up in 2021-22, before the advent of chatGPT.

The team was great to work with, responsive and thorough.

Highly recommend them!


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