Published on 2023-02-10

Munii - Kick-starting A Startup

A foundation team for a startup

Person holding a bank card and mobile phone

Nexteam was engaged by an Irish FinTech startup with seed funding to build their team and build the initial launch product.

Build The Core Team

Nexteam provided the core Product and Technology team and we were responsible for building out the client's core team in multiple countries remotely.

We used some of our core values as the foundation for the team and character, logical problem solvers and product people who understood the value of tech and vice versa. It was important that product and tech worked as one. We built a successful team across 4 countries, working fully remotely which collaborated and bonded well as a team.

Engage with Banking Service Providers

As part of this engagement, we assessed multiple banking service providers. This included Banking platform as a service, KYC platform, transaction data providers, lending platforms.

Current Account App Prototype

We produced a current account app which allowed users to sign up to the basic current account quickly with minimal input by auto populating inputs where possible to simplify the signup process. We build compliance by design and not as an after though.

US Mortgage App Prototype

We did a lot of research into the US mortgage process and produced a prototype that made the mortgage application process simple and intuitive. It gave the users the right information they required depending on their mortgage application journey. Again we used the principle of reducing input from the user and auto population information from documents and 3rd parties.

Designs for Personal Finance Management (PFM)

We did a lot of research and competitor analysis into PFM and came up with simple, intuitive and innovative ways to educate people about PFM.

Research for Financial Advisor BOT

We researched data sources, potential AI models in the academic domain and produced a plan for how we’ll get to a point where we can provide a financial advisor in your pocket.