Project Details

Client: Girlgaze


Helped to maintain the platform and deliver additional new features, working with their existing small team.

We engaged to help stabilise and move their platform forward after having difficulties with their original supplier.

Engaged on a support contract basis, providing an agreed number of hours to maintain and bug fix the existing platform.

Additional new features were built by us, with development tasks and timelines agreed upfront.

Had weekly meetings to discuss progress and requirements.

The Team


Jaye Marshall

Lead Frontend Engineer

An experienced full stack developer with a focus on front end. I have worked on projects of all sizes and budgets from small startups to large corporate environments. I never state that something is impossible without first making an honest effort at solving or building it. I believe that the most valuable software comes from tackling hard problems and automating the easy ones.


Kumaran Sivapathasuntharam

Head of Product

An experienced product manager who is customer problem centric and believes in first design principles. I am passionate about identifying customer problems and solving them in a simple, elegant, and intuitive manner.



Frontend Engineer