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pgVis is a PostgreSQL centric tool for building simple and elegant data visualisation dashboards. A simple to use SQL DSL and a PostgreSQL centric approach which fits around your workflow. Visualisations can be viewed in any modern browser in both online and offline modes and even exported directly from psql .

pgVis offers a range of visulations including: bar chart, line chart, scatter chart, pie chart, polar area chart, radar chart, data tables. It's designed to be easy to embed into applications, with little to no processing needed in middleware. Making it ideal to rapidly prototype data centric applications.

pgVis aims to make it easy to express data visualisations directly from SQL queries. Letting you quickly visualise some data for adhoc reports in psql or to share reporting dashboards in your organisation via pgvis-server . Either way pgVis is designed to be PostgreSQL centric and to fit with your existing database workflows.

The pgVis extension is a simple set of functions which leverages PostgreSQL's excellent JSON support to create a DSL (domain specfic language) for defining visualisations. A Javascript library takes care of rendering the resulting JSON visualisation definitions in any modern web browser. Visualisations can be stored in PostgreSQL and shared via a the optional pgvis-server or statically saved via psql or any other PostgreSQL client.

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The Team


Chris Ellis

Lead Technical Strategist

I’m a computing jack of all trades, my knowledge and skills go from hardware to frontend. PostgreSQL, Devops, Java are my strongest areas, but I’m just as comfortable fiddling with Ceph clusters, networking and web apps. I’ve got a long proven track record in delivering IT projects on time and too budget.