Chris Ellis

Chris Ellis

Lead Technical Strategist

I’m a computing jack of all trades, my knowledge and skills go from hardware to frontend. PostgreSQL, Devops, Java are my strongest areas, but I’m just as comfortable fiddling with Ceph clusters, networking and web apps. I’ve got a long proven track record in delivering IT projects on time and too budget.

Chris Ellis

I'm a highly skilled developer, devops and architect. I think delivering high quality solutions requires knowledge across the entire stack with an agile approach, being involved at all levels. I have a proven track record in delivering successful projects across a range of sectors: public sector, small and corporate startups.

I have extensive experience of data and IoT systems and have deep technical knowledge across a wide range of tools, languages and approaches. Having worked on a wide range of projects across various business sectors.

My Portfolio

Mokuso Logo
Club Membership Management


A membership management platform tailored around Martial Arts clubs

Close up photograph of a flower, where the stamens could almost be a bar chart
Simple Visualisations For PostgreSQL


pgVis is a PostgreSQL extension for building simple and elegant data visualisation dashboards.

Looking down a data centre row of racks towards the lit door
Turning around an OTT TV Services team

Sky Service Management

Sky engaged Nexteam to provide incident management support across their website. Focusing on handling incidents raised by their monitoring platforms and other teams, as well as proactively improving their monitoring systems and wider support processes.

A person holding a bank card and mobile phone
Fintech Startup


We provided a foundation team for a startup, building and hiring a wider team and initial prototypes, via our Product Factory process.

Look After My Bills
New Verticals

Look After My Bills

Our network were a key part of the team behind building auto-switching platforms for Home Insurance and BroadBand for Look After My Bills

Old TVs stacked up randomly on top of each other
Improving OTT API Services

Sky OTT TV Services

We turned around a difficult team and technology stack providing OTT TV Services for a major UK media company, within a year.

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