The Times - Mobile App

Project Details

Client: The Times

The Times - Mobile App

Our network were the key people behind replatforming The Times Web and Mobile Apps to React & React Native.

Developed a CMS-driven React web app for news articles, featuring an extensible range of document node types. Including integrations with third-party advertising providers and utilising universal React components that seamlessly render in the mobile app through React Native.

We collaborated closely with Editorial, Commercial, Marketing, and UX & Design teams, while also working autonomously and with agility to meet aggressive and challenging deadlines.

As part of the project, we developed a custom typesetter in TypeScript to ensure accurate typography to closely replicate the print version of the newspaper. Which also featured constraint-based layouts for rendering of news articles.

As part of exit strategy we successfully handed over The Times components to an internal team

The Team

The Times - Mobile App

Kumaran Sivapathasuntharam

Product Manager

An experienced product manager who is customer problem centric and believes in first design principles. I am passionate about identifying customer problems and solving them in a simple, elegant, and intuitive manner.

The Times - Mobile App

Jaye Marshall

Frontend Engineer

An experienced full stack developer with a focus on front end. I have worked on projects of all sizes and budgets from small startups to large corporate environments. I never state that something is impossible without first making an honest effort at solving or building it. I believe that the most valuable software comes from tackling hard problems and automating the easy ones.