Project Details


Mokuso is a membership management platform tailored around Martial Arts clubs.

  • Configurable class schedules and booking constraints
  • Easy to use interface for students to book and manage classes
  • Web based, with low barrier to entry and elegant simplicity
  • Configurable offers and membership plans
  • Flexible payment models supported
  • Bring your own payment provider
  • Pricing based on in-app sales

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The Team


Terry Georgiou

Product Designer

I am passionately dedicated to graphics and design, adhering to the guiding principle of crafting simple, elegant, and intuitive designs. My ultimate goal is to create extraordinary customer experiences that leave a lasting impression of excellence and innovation.


Kumaran Sivapathasuntharam

Head of Product

An experienced product manager who is customer problem centric and believes in first design principles. I am passionate about identifying customer problems and solving them in a simple, elegant, and intuitive manner.


Chris Ellis

Lead Technical Strategist

I’m a computing jack of all trades, my knowledge and skills go from hardware to frontend. PostgreSQL, Devops, Java are my strongest areas, but I’m just as comfortable fiddling with Ceph clusters, networking and web apps. I’ve got a long proven track record in delivering IT projects on time and too budget.